Coming soon , How to hold a CBD party for POCO CBD with little effort and make good commissions.

If you wish you get onto the advanced list to hold a CBD party e-mail us at.

We have developed a new way for Our Friends, Family & customers to hold a CBD party , make good money but never having to have a bunch of people over to your home, having a home party used to take great effoft and money, you had to furnish snacks and allow for parking , just a general hassle.
With modern innovation comes new ideas.
What if you could hold a CBD party from your home but not have a house full of people?
We have created a webinar online, it will start every hour on the hour and last about 20 minutes.
It will explain what CBD is, the benefits of CBD where your Friends & Family can buy it.
Your job is to send out e-mails to invite them to the webinar, send out an invitation about a week ahead of when you’d like them to attend that showing of the webinar, we will send you a specific URL (Internet address) which Ids you as those using that URL as your customers, then the date of the webinar you send another e-mail to them letting them know tonights the night and tell them what times are available to watch, the webinar is designed to enlighten , not pressure your friends to buy anything.
They will of course be shown the web site if they wish to purchase our CBD.
We offer the highest grade CBD and many forms, we use no THC in our CBD so no one at work will have to worry about flunking a drug test.
We guarantee this!
For your efforts in sending out the invitations will receive 20% of what your customers spend, the average part brings in over a $1000.00 , so you’d make $200 for sending out some e-mails, your friends and family will be offered a chance to sign up to hold their own CBD party too.
In addition to your 20% commission you’ll recieve 20% off any CBD order you place too.
What could be simpler

Keep checking back for the link on this page for the booking app to sign up for a party.
You’ll receive your commission payment by priority US mail in the form of a cashiers check, we take out no taxes, that is your responsibility.
Good luck and lets make some money together.

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